High efficiency system to control the moisture over the web width

The Water Spray system comprises a Water Spray frame with control zones.

Best moisture control over the web width.

The frame comes with a rotary retraction mechanism

The frame nozzles will be sized to the requirements of the paper in order to correct the profile.

The frame will be located under a dryer cylinder where the paper is at least 30% wet.


The Water preparation system assumes that your DCS system will provide the ON/OFF control of the tank level and PID of water temperature plus the ON-OFF switching of the pump and the water supply solenoid valve.


Installation and commissioning services

Our Experts will be on site during the erection of the system (mechanical mounting)

Electrical Interconnections (Electrical Installation) Start Up and testing 1 Week ( 5 working days).

In addition will be on site for the first week (5 working days) of machine running for complete test result documentation and complete training.


The training will form the Paper Mill personnel to be auto sufficient to the Trouble shooting and Maintenance of Water Spray System.

Water preparation system

The Water Preparation System is designed to continuously supply filtered condensate water at the required pressure and temperature to an on machine cross direction Water Spray Moisture Control system.

Since the system frame and tank are made of stainless steel with high quality instrumentation, the system will operate on a continuous basis with minimum maintenance even in the harsh environment of a paper Machine.

A large 500 litres condensate water tank allows operation of the water spray at machine start up when fresh condensate may not be available.

An electrical heater in the tank keeps the water hot during machine shutdowns.

Dual water filters are provided so that one filter can be cleaned while the other continues to filter the spray water.

Water pressure, water temperature and tank level controls are controlled by integral PSD controllers or via an interface to a DCS system, as required by the customer.