On line measuring caliper variations of fabricated sheet

Calisens is a non-touching Caliper sensor  for  “On-line” measurement on a moving sheet.

  • The unit is adapted to be mounted on a scanning frame to provide accurate cross machine measurement Profile. 
  • The sensing heads ride on the moving sheet  without any friction on air bearing.
  • The special patented design,  preserves an ultrastable cushion gap thickness,  that allows to reach ultra high resolution profile without any of the problems relatives to touching sensors.
  • The sensor is made with the lightest and strongest material available on the market and processed with the most advanced technologies; all of this, united to a long time research, give the precision and the stability needed to be the best solution in thickness measurement.
  • In 4 different versions Calisens is able to measure the thickness of all kind of sheet from 25 to 6000 mm

Thanks to its stability and precision Calisens is also utilized in the most critical processes, like high transparency film, and ultra thin paper sheet.

Tilt restoring capability

  • Flexible Joint Between Sensing Head and Sliding Stem:
  • compensating for Small Tilt Angle of Measuring Assembly.
  • Exclusive Multiple Peripheral Air-Bearings:
  • much Greater Torque for Greater Tilt Restoring Capability.
  • Thus greater tolerability to Scanning Frame Mechanical Inaccuracies.

Sales policy

In the most of cases Calisens is sold as OEM, thanks to this policy we can get a real solid feedback, on different applications, from paper to extrusion lines, and on different Scanners, in way to give us the knowledge needed to make a versatile and easy to use product.

Thanks to our worldwide partnership we can offer Cost Effective Turn Key solutions.