Our History

The 30-year history of Aeonic Systems Italia, started in 1888 and it is linked to the bright career of its president, Eng. Marziano Sgro.

After working as General Manager for one of the biggest Corporate Company for Paper industry, he acquires a remarkable experience in the field of paper mills and high quality instruments for paper production and, in 1988,  decide to set up his own company based in Milan.


The founder of the compnay Eng. Marziano Sgro  will soon come up with a bright invention of one of the best imachine to measure the paper thickness with a avery innovative mechanism: The Calijet Systems.

Thanks to the great performance of the Calijet System, the company starts to be recognized as one of the best and most reliable in on-line paper measurement systems and started expanding its business in Europe, Asia, Africa and USA.


At present time Aeonic Systems, is directed by Eng. Matteo Sgro together with his father Marziano Sgro and it represent one excellent family business growing fast in its Sector.


Aeonic Systems is now investing in reaseraches to develop new prducts Always related to paper’s mill automation and the company is growing its busienss all over the world.

Eng. Marziano Sgro

Company Founder and General Manager

Eng. Matteo Sgro

Vice President and Sales Director