Since 1980 we are specialized on paper and PVC finishing, pointing our forces on research of innovative and high efficiency instruments for measurement and control of CD thickness profile for paper and plastic


High efficiency profiler for fast and perfect levelling of the sheet

Calijet Profiler consists of an air plenum positioned against one of the rolls of the Machine Calander.

Thanks to the bidirectional action due to cold and hot air-jet, Calijet obtains a very fast and powerful action on all kind of Calanders with no attenuation on hi-temperature Rolls.


Thickness non-touching gauge for precise on line measurement of sheet caliper variations

Calisens is a non-contacting caliper sensor for "on-line" measurement profile.

The sensing heads rides moving sheet without any friction on air bearing.

The special patented design maintaining an ultra stable cushion gap thickness provides an accuracy level of its contacting sensors, but without their problems.


High efficiency system to control the moisture over the web width in order to correct the profile

The Water Spray system comprises a Water Spray frame with four nozzles per each control zone; this will control the moisture over the web width.

The frame, proposed to be mounted on a rotary retraction mechanism which we will also be provided.

The unit has to be located under a dryer cylinder where the paper is at least 30% wet.